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Featured Blog: A Separate State of Mind

Screenshot of "A Separate State of Mind"
MIND SOUPA Separate State of Mind is a new blog on the Lebanese blogosphere which discusses life, music, politics, movies and thoughts of a Lebanese youth, Elie, who is one of my best friends. I have been trying to get Elie to start a blog since I created Mind Soup two years ago (2nd birthday coming up on Feb 21 :D) but his laziness and procrastination delayed it. He has had some guest posts here on Mind Soup but now he took the plunge and after some quick trial with tumblr, he started his full blog:

A few things you might want to know about Elie:

  1. He's a huge Carrie Underwood fan that I started calling him a Carrieoholic.So you should definitely expect to see some posts about her.
  2. He likes country music and pop (Britney Spears anyone?)
  3. He likes to watch movies, and I mean a lot of movies, so he will be posting some movie reviews. His taste in movies is usually good (except for the Batman: The Dark Knight -- which I still believe is the worst movie ever made).
  4. He is an Apple fanatic, actually obsessed with everything Apple from Macs to iPhones to Apple underwear :P -- this is probably the most thing I disagree with him about, but I'll leave that rant for a different post.
  5. He's very much into Lebanese politics (and American politics as well) so you just have to poke him to get a fire going.
  6. He's the kind of person who stays up till 4:00 AM to watch an event live on TV rather than watching the rerun later in the day.
  7. He's a Twilight fan, so BEWARE, I warned you (he's read all the books too!)
  8. He's into biology-related stuff (well technically) since he's graduated last year from AUB and currently pursuing a medical degree. (Graduation photo?)
  9. We recently went to Syria together, and I would like to point out how much he loves Iran. #Sarcasm
  10. He's an overall cool guy who has A LOT to say so you should give him a chance and check his blog. Welcome him to the blogging family! (I will soon be dragging him to blogging meet-ups and tweet-ups so you will get to meet him personally!)