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Avatar - This is our land

Well, it is time to share. I've been obsessing over Avatar like there's no tomorrow. I've seen it 3 times in the movies already and well, it gets better every time. One of my favorite parts is this epic moment:


  1. wow!! i have also watched it 3 times!! and i can go more !!
    this was my best part 2!
    the soundtrack is amazing too.!
    James Horner is such a great composer!

  2. ITA :)
    I can go for more also. I'm actually going for a fourth time this week :)
    The soundtrack is just brilliant. My favorites are:
    "Becoming One With The People Becoming One With Neytiri"
    "Jake Gathering All The Na'Vi Clans For Battle"
    "The Destruction of "Hometree""
    and of course "I See You"


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