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Carrie Underwood's How I Met Your Mother Debut

Neil Patrick Harris wants you to know Carrie Underwood is “awesome.”

“This week’s awesome guest star,” he wrote on his Twitter page, linking to this photo of himself with the country superstar on the set of How I Met Your Mother. “HIMYM – You’ll Love The Way We Fly!”

In an episode scheduled to air in March, Underwood is set to play Tiffany, an enigmatic pharmaceutical sales rep and love interest for Ted (played by Josh Radnor) on the show, which recently celebrated its 100th episode.

But in this photo, the singer looks more like a flight attendant — are those overhead bins in the background? — than a drug rep. Maybe someone is having a high-flying, pill-induced fantasy?


  1. One of the producers of the show tweeted this:
    "Watching NPH and Carrie Underwood is like watching 2 amazing performers frolic in the ocean on a warm summer day in August."
    So hush hush :)


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