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A New Definition of a Creepy Crawling Phobia

OH MY GOD!  Yes! That is a real bug. Appropriately named the rhino beetle, it sure is huge. Imagine if more bugs were this size. Aaghh!

It sure is a nightmare for those who are scared of creepy crawlies and even for those who get nervous when they see one close.

It does redefine entomophobia, the fear of creepy crawlies. Can you just imagine how one would react to a couple of them crawling within a few feet of distance? These rhino beetles are a wily pest and can destroy coconut crops in a jiffy.

Wonder what kind of bird if any has the guts to feed on this giant bug.

Nature can have a strange sense of humor. Wonder why she made a bug so huge or may be we should be wondering why she made the others so small. Nature has her share of weird things in the world, so can man be far behind?

So many extra large weird stuff, man made are out there to bring our fantasy to another level. Ranging from a gigantic burger, to a coffin shaped like a giant duffel bag or a coffee table designed to look like an over sized gaming console are only a few ideas but when it comes to bugs nothing can surpass nature’s way to make fun of our fears [via]


  1. what tha hell is that..........thats not bug thats a tank. yo b pass me that blunt i need to hit that shit bc i think am seeing shit. wow


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