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The Hidden Face of Globalization

Today in Operations Management class, the professor showed us a video called "The Hidden Face of Globalization". This video shows how humans are abused in developing countries by western corporations to do all the labor is sweat-shop conditions, violence and being paid less 3-5 dollars per week. Off course, in class we were focusing on the business concept of sweat-shops, the efficiency, the processes, the decisions, etc.. but we did not focus on the ethical perspective.

I thought it would be very interesting to share this video with my readers to make them aware of what goes on in the world. This should make you think twice before buying a standardized product from your favorite brand company.
[If you are viewing this post via Google Buzz, click here to see the video]


  1. This is very graphic and informative. Thanks for the post. When I was backpacking in those areas myself, every day it came to my mind: the unspeakable differences between my life quality and local people around that part of the world. I hope a change will come some day. They are good people at most.


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