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Press Release: The Worst of AUB

To whom it may concern,

It seems that there is a common misconception going on on campus and elsewhere that I am the hidden person behind "The Worst of AUB" blog that contains criticizing articles, photos and videos about AUB.

This is to denounce any involvement in the creation, publishing or maintaining the mentioned blog. Yesterday, I received an e-mail from the administrator of the blog "AUBite" who wishes to remain anonymous (I don't blame him/her). The purpose of this e-mail was only to request publishing rights of one of my copyrighted articles, which I granted.

Although my articles are being republished there, I take no responsibility of the other content published by this blog, nor any material that may not "uphold the spirit of AUB."

I urge those who are making false accusations to get the facts straight before spreading rumors. I value my positions and current jobs and I do not intend to lose any of them because a someone couldn't connect the dots correctly.

Mohammad Hijazi