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One Billion Hungry People in the World

Put pressure on politicians to end hunger. Sign the petition, and push for action wherever you are.
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1 000 000 000 PEOPLE 
live in chronic 
hunger and 
AS HELL.Join me and around 130,000 people to put pressure on our useless politicians in hopes of taking action about the 1 billion starving humans in the world. If you care just a little bit, if you belong to this race, if you have humane blood rushing through your veins, you should take action.

It is not these people's faults that they were born in poor countries, it is not their faults that their natural resources are being abused by western governments and corporation, it is not their faults that their governments are not taking care of them.

The least you can do is sign the petition.
Click here to join my path towards aiding in spreading awareness and pressuring those in power to help.

God bless you all.