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Proof that Linux Rules!

I definitely admit to being somewhat of a computer geek. While I don't use Linux on a daily basis, I know that it's a pretty cool operating system with way more benefits and less problems than the standard Windows OS. When I got super-excited after seeing this blog posting from OMG! Ubuntu! (that I've reposted below), I realized that my geekiness just increased exponentially.

"Linux powers 91% of the world's top supercomputers

With the biannual list of the top 500 supercomputers the world over released, the following screenshot of a graph showing the operating systems used in those 500 peta-flop crunching machines, and produced by the University of California Berkeley, makes for an impressive visual glance at Linux’s dominance in Super

Check it out in its full interactive form @ to get down and dirty with the stats behind it.
Sadly Ubuntu doesn’t feature in the list breakdown, but given these rigs are used for number-crunching rather than World of Goo and twitter that’s no surprise!"image