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AUB Campus Yearbook 09-10 Reception

Here's a few photos from the AUB Yearbook reception dinner that occurred on Monday May 24. I am the associate editor in chief of the 09-10 edition of the AUB Campus yearbook, so I got to say a little speech!

So that's me giving the speech!

This is the majority of the members of the yearbook team.

A photo with the greatest friends :)

Maurice, our editor in chief, giving his speech.

Cutting the cake with Dean Kisirwani and distinguished guests.

With members of the AUB Student Affairs Office: (L-R) Rania Murr, Dr. Maryam Ghandour, Therese Miri'b, Nisrine Fattouh, Mohammad Hijazi, Hiba Hamade, Maurice Salem, Ramza Saad

Don't Ask!

Here's my thank you speech that I gave on that wonderful night:

Good evening.

Dean Kisirwani, Dr. Nizameddine, Dr. Talhouk, distinguished guests, fellow members of the campus yearbook team. I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for being with us tonight to celebrate the yearbook team.

I will start off this delightful evening by introducing the Campus Yearbook editorial cabinet for this year.
Our Editor in Chief, Maurice Salem
Nadine Gaith, associate editor in chief
Mohamad Chehab, our Team Coordinator
and myself, Mohammad Hijazi, also associate editor in chief.

First of all, I would like to thank our faculty advisor Dr. Rabih Talhouk who has demonstrated astonishing commitment to the AUB Campus yearbook. Currently, Dr. Talhouk is working not only on our edition of the yearbook, but also on the previous two editions which have been delayed for technical reasons.

I would also like to thank the Dean's office and the Office of Student Activities for always supporting us and helping us out every step of the way.

Our team this year consists of forty dedicated members distributed among seven teams, each of which plays a crucial role towards successfully completing the yearbook. I will briefly introduce these teams now for a chance to get to know how the yearbook team is organized.

The bulk of yearbook is controlled by two teams:
- The faculties and schools team, whose editor is Camille Salem, collects photos of all the undergraduate and graduate students, and allows the students change their ID photos or remove them from the yearbook. Most importantly this team also oversees the graduating students photo-shoot, that welcomed more than 1,200 graduating students this year.
- The adminstrative departments team, whose editor is Dahlia Al Assi. The main role of this team is to collect photos of faculty, staff and administration, as well as letters from key figures at AUB, such as the president, the provost, and the deans.

Other teams are just as crucial. These teams include:
- The photography team, whose editor is Reva Al Kassis, works very hard to take photos of sport events, campus events and even important people at AUB. This team has to communicate very well with the rest of the team in to collect these information smoothly.

The sports team, whose editor is Lojain Kamel, collects photos of the AUB varsity teams as well as photos of events such as championships and important games.

The campus life team, whose editor is Maysam Al Kai, manages photos of major campus events such as elections, ceremonies, concerts, and Outdoors. We are proud that this year this team has organized and set-up a funny photo booth in the Outdoors festival during this past weekend.

The campus activities team, whose editor is Maria Jarawan, collects photos of clubs and societies, in addition to non-administrative departments at AUB such as the museums, as well as USFC and SRC.

Yet, the escence of the yearbook is the design team which consists this year of 5 dedicated graphic designers who designed more than ten amazing posters for the graduating students photo-shoot, as well as the yearbook logo. They are currently working on finalizing the design of the book.

On behalf of the editorial cabinet, I would like to thank the editors and their teams immensly for their great work and commitment to the team. Hopefully, the high standards that we set this year will remain as guidelines for upcoming yearbook teams.

I will leave the floor now to Maurice who will talk more about our accomplishments this year.

(L-R) Maya Terro, Mohammad Hijazi, Forat Al Hattab, Jawad Kamal, Rima Akoum, Camille Salem, and Farah Salhab

The dance floor.

(L-R) Nadine Ghaith, Mayssam Al Kai, Forat Al Hattab, Maria Jarawan, Camille Salem, M Waleed Noaman, Mohammad Hijazi, Nour Tauk and Sara Abu Zaki