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AUB Student Protest makes national and regional headlines

Below are some articles from renowned newspapers and blogs across Lebanon and the region that discuss the Student protest at the American University of Beirut due to the shift from the 12-credits system to the 15-credit system which increase the tuition for newly enrolled students (as of Fall 2010) up-to 25%.

Daily Star: AUB students hold strike against hike in tuition fees (link)
Star Scene: AUB students protest against tuition increase  (link)
Now Lebanon: Strike at AUB (link)
Demotix: Students of AUB university in Lebanon protest rise in tuition fees (link)
This is Beirut: Empty classrooms a week before finals at AUB! (link)
iloubnan: AUB students go on strike protesting increase of tuition (link)
Gino's Blog: The AUB Problem Breakdown (link)
Farfahine: Letter from AUB students: Support us to take our campus back. (link)
Blog Under Construction: AUB Students Boycott Classes (link)
Sawt Al Niswa: Stike: It is your right, For your right and theirs (link)
Occupy California: American University of Beirut on Strike (link)

Al-Mustaqbal: الجامعة الأميركية.. بلا زيادة أو نقصان (link)
Al-Nahar: إدارة الأميركية لا تتراجع عن الزيادة والطلاب يستعدون لتصعيد تحركهم الاحتجاجي (link)
Al-Akhbar: طلاب الأميركيّة و الـ 25%: لن ندفع (link)
Al- Safir: تحرك حاشد في الأميركية ضد رفع الأقساط: لا لـجامعة البرجوازيين (link)
Al- Markaziya: طلاب الأميركية تظاهروا احتجاجاً على ارتفاع الأقساط (link)


La Nation Libanaise - Mouvement Patriote Libanais: Grabuge à l’Université Américaine de Beyrouth (link)

Follow the protest on their official twitter page here.

If you have written an article about the AUB Student Protest and I haven't linked to your article, please post a link in the comments section so that I can update the list.


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