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Photos of AUB Provost freaking out on students during the AUB Tuition Increase Protest

Photos posted by Van Baptist on Facebook


  1. a3sabo! baddo yroo2!

  2. Provost is nuts...

  3. You were the first one to write a stupid post that you are against the prostest. Yet you managed to flood our facebook and your blog with pictures and articles.
    Be a man, pick a point, and stick to it. Nobody likes attention whores.

  4. There's a thing called objective reporting. It's when reporters state the facts no matter what their opinions are. You might want to try that sometime..

  5. A photo can be deceptive.
    I bet the video cameras found on the doors of west hall show how the protesters violated the basic rights of the people inside the building: the freedom of movement.
    I was there and it all started when they tripped a female (veiled) faculty member as she was going out of College Hall. So instead of posting deceptive, equivocal pictures, try to come out of your traditional Lebanese ways and truly say what happened. if two pictures can tell it all. two pictures can tell only what you want the people to understand.

  6. I agree with the deceptive aspect of the photo.
    And why is everyone just looking at the provosts irritation?
    Look at the students faces (the one with the beard and the one facing the provost) it seems they're shouting quite violently as well. would have triggered my temperament.
    I saw the ladies fall, and I don't understand how pictures of that are hidden by the students. kind of makes me wonder if the there's a certain agenda (maybe political coz we all know how things go) behind the surfacing of these photos and not the others (if they exist). Maybe AUB should release their security footage, show the people who tripped the lady (who happens to be the lady) and show what truly happened. maybe then the students responsible will get expelled and we can all know what happened. but do the students want that? i dont think so. so what is preventing the AUB administration from releasing the videos? I wonder.maybe it does care.

  7. i am sorry to burst your bubble guys but if a lady was tripped by a student i do not guess that gives the provost the right to act in such a violent manner..i guess it would be for aub's benefit that the videos stay hidden for i was there and i say the provost kicking students on their backs and manhandling please you try to get out of your Lebanese traditions of opposing just for the sake of opposition.and bother your self to look at things objectively.


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