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Message from the Dean's Office at AUB concerning the protest

Dear Students,

Today we have witnessed major student protests across the campus against the proposed changes in tuition fees that are due for implementation next year. AUB has in its long history not only tolerated the right of students to express their views but has explicitly promoted this right. Over the years this has been done in many ways, whether through the USFC, Outlook, protests and sit-ins.

For students who are participating in the protests against the tuition fees changes, or thinking of doing so, I urge you to do so while fully respecting the rights of other students who wish to attend classes, or study in the libraries in peace, or go about their day-to-day business without disruption. Likewise it is important to remember the other valuable segments of our community, including faculty members and staff, who feel a personal duty to carry out their duties to the University and its community. They too have a right to disagree with the strike action or if they agree with it may still not want to take part.

Ultimately, our shared aim is to protect the greater good and the greater good is the University, its good name and its ability to serve its community. This includes you, the students. Cutting off the nose to spite the face is a sure way to take a cause down  the road to ruin.  I urge you to work with us to ensure that those with destructive streaks do not exploit this event to vandalize our buildings and property, or confront other students or faculty members. Moreover, please respect our neighborhood by not taking action that turns our neighbors, both businesses and residents, against you the students and against the University.

I am counting on your maturity and on your sense of responsibility during these controversial times.


Maroun Kisirwani
Dean of Student Affairs