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Hate mail

Oooh how I love hate-mail. It shows you who your real friends are. Below, you will see that obviously, someone is pissed about my recent decision not to endorse the tuition increase protest, its even worse than that American Jew being pissed about the new Miss USA.

Tarek H. Al Choikani: HIJAZI!!!!! its like ur pushing me to reply to u!!
metel ijri if u read this or not, and metel ijri if u reply to this or not!! but i think its better if u understand the following points:
- The guy who spoke on behalf on USFC is Jeffery btw and he DID introduce his name! so i think u should go see a doctor on the expenses of the medical center WHICH will certainly start making losses trying to make u understand and correct ur insanity.
- he gave more valid points than the VP did! i attended the meeting and ur tweets seem so biased!! the tenderness and relaxation in ur tone when referring to VP Kenny as if he is an angel and the anger and madness when reffering to Jeffery! as if he is ur enemy!! Hijazi! u r attacking the wrong person! iza mab3oos mn hiba go and face her! dont come and attack a revolution done by hundreds if not thousands of students just because of a STUPID EVENT THAT U WORKED ON FOR A MONTH!! i have worked in many clubs before and i lost many times, [...]! but i never blamed it on outdoors that day or the job fair! cuz it wasnt intentional!! and u need to understand that! the universe for some reason chose ur event to be the victim! but do u really think that we should have stopped the campaign for ur own sake and just pay the $3000 hek! ill go to my dad and tell him :" dad, bala zana5a moe 3ando event dfa3 $ 3000 yalla wlo" how could u accept this to urself! how could you ignore the society that u live in for ur personal sake! and above all HOW DARE YOU say we are the selfish ones in ur last article when all ur thinking about is ur interests and all we are thinking about is the AUB COMMUNITY INTEREST!!.

another EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POINT, U!! URSELF among all "journalists" in aub wrote an article about wasta in the finacial aid system, u were fired from ur job for it! and everyone respected the way u dealt with it! and i was shocked when i find u now supporting this system!! u r actually adding $30mil to the financial aid system which WE ALL KNOW IS CORRUPT!! and u said it... u r contradicting urself! how could u waste that much money! how could u cover it up and ignore it! u lost an event SO WAT!! AUB COULD LOSE ALOT ALOT ALOT MORE FROM THEM because of the corruption in that stupid financial aid program!! it is a fucking rip off and u know it and u r DEFENDING IT! and all i can say about it is that u r supporting a crime being done in AUB!!!

finally, before claiming to be a journalist make sure u match the criteria!! a journalist should report the truth and ONLY THE TRUTH without adding his/her anger or input to it! wat u did now is highly unprofessional, i assume in my opinion and the usfc opinion u dont qualify to be a journalist and ABOVE ALL u dont qualify to be a student in this university!! for we are all stand united for our cause while all u care about is UR interest and only YOURS!! u only qualify to be a BIASED RADICAL SELFISH SELFCENTERED human project that is being developed by aub administration to provide a cover for an organized crime done by AUB adminstration and board of trustees!! WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION you are still immature, ur ideas are like a baby, cries without thinking of the reasons of crying! so i hope one day u reconsider! and i know u r reconsidering, but its just ur nature to not show that innak nba3aset! and the proof is that u deactivated ur fb yday and reactivated it today! hoping u can fight us back!! but u missed the fact that NOT A SIGNLE COMMENT SUPPORTED U! and im sure im the most harsh one between all! cuz i have always fought ur radical ideas! AND IM PROUD TO HAVE SUCH A REPLY TO YOU!! BUT WAT A WASTE!!

i know u might not read this or reply to it and i dont care, but im sure some people will read this reply and realize the stupidity u have! and im sure ppl will go back to ur previous note and read it with ur comments and realize the true reasons behind all this! and im SURE ABOVE ALL that they will realize the seriousness and importance of this campaign and how much we are ready to give for it!!

Tarek H. Al Choikani: we dont care about ur blog! go fuck ur self with it! dean kisrwani walla 3'ero cant stop u from doing wat u want! just to let u know im only replying to u hoping u would join us cuz u r the only studnet in the whole aub community who is against this! but it is not gonna stop usfc from doing this protest! ma kteer tsade2 7alak w ta3ti 7ajem la 7alak! ad ma kberet u will always remain the student who betrayed his university!! the campaign will continue and it is more HUGE than inno nenbe5e3 cuz of a blog that no one reads!! lawla facebook kellak ma 7ada 2areek inta! LIAR! BIASED!! BETRAYALLL!!!