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Why am I officially not supporting the Tuition Increase protest anymore?

I am officially not supporting the Tuition Increase protest anymore.
Why am I so pissed, you ask?

This protest, no matter how important, will effectively ruin around four months of work for the student organized AUB Outdoors and one month work for the Lebanese Bloggers Convention at AUB.

What the protesters don't realize is that because of the tuition, the media will badly convey the situation in AUB, will over-explode the protest and portray to the public that AUB is unsafe, which will decrease the attendees of the AUB Outdoors.

The profits of the AUB Outdoors goes solely to the AUB clubs and societies and AUB financial aid; these clubs that are helping organize this protest! How is this not a double-standard, really?

Also, the fund that goes to financial aid will substantially decrease, and ironically this may be one of the goals of the tuition increase to begin with.

Moreover, how selfish are the people who demand that students don't attend classes in a period near to the final exams, where professors will be giving mock final exams, study hints, and revisions. It is also a period of lab finals, seminars, final year projects, paper due dates and case assignments. How are students supposed to skip classes, huh? How is getting bad grades on finals going to decrease the tuition?

This protest is very untimely. Whoever decided on this date had apparently no consideration of what is going on around him. Would it have killed them to protest last week when this announcement was made? Would it have killed them to protest next week when these important events were held?


They just care about showing how the USFC is working oh so hard this year, showing how much they care about the tuition increase "because they would want to afford it when they want to enroll their children in AUB".
How selfish, really!

For those of you who do not know, this increase doesn't apply to currently enrolled students, but to newly enrolled students starting next fall. I don't see them complaining! So why are you so gulped-up on sugar and all worked up? Good students will get scholarships to AUB like they usually do, and other students will know the tuition fees before deciding to enroll.

So stop making such a big fuss about it. If you haven't noticed yet, everything is getting more expensive. I don't see you protesting the increase in price of food by more that 25%, or the increase in price of fuel, or increase in price of hospital bills.

Stop making such attention whores of yourselves..
and let the people live their lives.


  1. the real question is: how selfish are YOU ?!

  2. When it comes to my events, I am a perfectionist, and hence you can call me selfish all day long, I don't mind!


  4. Hijazi, I respect you and have been a follower of your blog but your choice of words could have been better.
    As for the strike, i totally agree with you, it is uncalled for at the moment especially during this time of year. What i would suggest that they boycott registration not class tomorrow or the day after. Boycotting the Fall semester will make more sense as they would show solidarity with the newbies.
    I don't know...I think there isn't enough transparency and the kids are making a big commotion outta everything.


  5. Well, it would be easy to most of to boycott the registration because most of them are actually graduating this semester.

    The others will never boycott registration because it's a hell hole as is.

  6. To start with, the 'unsafe' environment is only in your imagination. Nothing unsafe about a boycott, a sit in at main gate or even a march through AUB. We have them all the time and no one got killed.

    Also, dont you think that the entire future of AUB students is more important than your stupid Outdoors? Yes, stupid. Its a carnival, an extremely over rated carnival. I dont think cancelling a boycott is the answer just so that people can attend your little game shacks.

    I do give you credit though that the time is not right, it is a time of finals and deadlines and students need to concentrate on their studies and attend classes importantly.

    Also, no one cares what the USFC are doing or if they are working hard. Everyone with should be against a tuition increase.


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