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Bye Bye Zein Al Atat

MIND SOUP: I am very sure that a lot of you agree with me that the most annoying thing on Lebanese television is these stupid little commercial programs where a supposedly modernized "doctor" is trying to sell the viewers a bunch of herbs that can mysteriously get rid of most diseases, weight loss or whatever disorder the audience might be interested in.

What's more annoying is that you not only find them on one television channel, but on several (such as Aljadid - previously "New TV", NBN or what I like to call "Nabih Berri Network", Manar TV, and even Tele Liban, among others)

Well, guess what?

According to the Daily Star, the Lebanese government (more specifically the General Directorate of General Security) has declared on Monday that advertisements for such medical herbs are now prohibited by law.
The directorate based its decision on Law number 90 of June 3, 2010, which prohibited media outlets from advertising for medical herbs and other products of a medicinal nature. The decision included written, audio and audiovisual media outlets. –The Daily Star
I am very looking forward to turn on the TV in the afternoon or late at night and not seeing Zein Al Atat, or copycat versions of him.on television trying to convince naive elderly people that their herbs that they have heroically acquired from the rain forests of the Amazons will cure their skin disorders.

This law has to be the most positive law the government has passed/enforced in a long while.

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  1. No strange that he prospered that much being a partner for Birri


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