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Smoking is banned in Lebanon's International Airport

MIND SOUP: The general manager of Rafik Hariri's International Airport Daniel al-Haybi announced Thursday that smoking has been banned throughout the airport, except in designated areas. He said that strict measures will be taken in case of breaking the laws, and in collaboration with the airport's security personnel.

The ban comes after Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud has visited the Airport on Wednesday and expressed his discontent over the failure of implementing a smoking ban in the lobbies, especially after he had previously  made several calls requesting so.

Several Arab countries, most recently Syria (related article), have adopted laws prohibiting smoking in public areas.

Lebanon still has a lot to improve regarding health and environment, but at least we are going along the right direction. With over 70% of the population who smoke (according to several statistic sources), these laws will be harder and harder to implement, especially in the public sector.

Many private companies, restaurants and cafes have adopted non-smoking policies or outdoor-only policies, however this does affect their sales negatively.


  1. hehehe,
    i'm willing to bet that the airport's security personnel will be first to break this new law.

    Please pple, make sure u have your cameras ready when in the airport :)


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