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Preserving dignity through diminishing drama

My reader's probably know that I have been a staff writer (on-again off-again) during the past year for Outlook, AUB's "official" student newspaper. I am very pleased to announced that today afternoon, and after giving it much thought and discussions with very close friends, I have resigned from Outlook.

Originally, I had a more criticizing, straight to the point and possibly harsher resignation letter, but due to the requests and recommendations from highly influential people, I decided to go with a more "professional" approach.

I didn't want to get in trouble for 'pointing the countless flaws' of the new editor-in-chief [who may or may not be related to powerful figures at AUB]. After all, I don't want to get stuck (again) in AUB's secret intelligence tangled web and get fired tyrannically from something totally unrelated (reminder).

So below is my simple resignation letter addressed to Outlook's board and staff:

Dear Outlookers,

Due to the severe unprofessionalism and diminished experience of the "high authorities" of Outlook, and due to the constant drama surrounding this excuse of a newspaper, I am declaring that, effective immediately, I am resigning from my position as a staff writer. I would rather preserve my dignity and self-esteem; my morale doesn't allow me to work under a person who has no professional courtesy to maintain high standards for a student-based newspaper that should convey the image of a supposedly-prestigious university.

Since the day I joined Outlook, it has proved to be not worth my time and efforts. It has not even sightly enriched my journalistic experience nor my communication skills. Perhaps the only upside of Outlook is that I have met some good people, and made some good friends, and for that I am grateful.

Also, due to the requests of some of you, I will not be sending in or publishing my original letter of resignation since it contains some strong language that will "make someone cry."

It is very unfortunate that people are not recognized for their hard-earned achievements or actual efforts, but rather for who they know or how they appear to be.


  1. This is very professional Moudz! again,Im so proud of u. Khaled H.

  2. Thank you Khaled! Your support means a lot to me :)


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