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Academy Awards 09 predictions

So we thought we'd bring you what the best of film critics predicted for this year's academy awards, airing tonight. And here it goes:

Best Film

Slumdog Millionaire – This low-budget, word-of-mouth crowd-pleaser has unstoppable momentum.

Best Director

Danny Boyle – Completing a hat-trick after he snagged a BAFTA and a Golden Globe.

Best Actor

Mickey Rourke – The on- and off-screen grappler has been working the publicity circuit hard to get his performance of a lifetime the reward he thinks it merits.

Best Supporting Actor

Heath Ledger – People's favourite The Dark Knight was largely overlooked by the Academy, but Ledger's startling, ineffable turn as the Joker will garner the sympathy vote

Best Actress

Kate Winslet – As she said in Extras: "If you do a film about the Holoucaust, you're guaranteed an Oscar.

Best Supporting Actress

Taraji P. Henson – A sop to one of the few non-mediocre performances in David Fincher's tasteful snooze-athon

Personally, I'd love to see Heath Ledger win his much deserved postthumous oscar for his amazing role as the Joker. My fellow blogger does not approve (he hated The Dark Knight - go figure!!). Kate Winslet was amazing in The Reader. It requires a mutli-layered and complex performance to be able to deliver what she did as the nazi camp guard who has an affair with a 15 yo teenager. My pick for best picture is defintely the feel-good movie of the year: Slumdog Millionaire, altough I won't be too displeased if the Reader or Benjamin Button won.


  1. Haha, yes I do not approve about Heath Ledger winning an Oscar. So what if he's dead? That doesn't mean he deserves an Oscar xD


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