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A Memory of my Baby Brother...

I Can feel his chubby fingers. I see his toothless smile as he looks at me. A giggle escapes me, and I look at my mother and tell her “ Mum, he looks funny!” . He frowns at me, only to start smiling again this time grabbing my finger closer to his mouth. I think he’s hungry, otherwise my baby brother is the monster my friends were talking about. Why are babies so small anyways. They can’t talk, so how will I ever understand him. He cannot stand up; he’s always sleeping, what is the use of a baby brother if I can’t play with him. Mum!!! you told me he would play with me. I can see water in his eyes. My brother has water eyes. I think I like him.
Mum walks out of the room, I am alone with him. I look at him, touch his blonde hair, poke his nose. He is cute. But I can make him cuter....
I Leave bed and walk to where mum always sits in the morning, I climb her high chair. I MADE IT!! I can smell Roses, Like Mum.I want the red crayon she uses on her mouth. She looks oh so very pretty when she colors her mouth. I know my baby brother will also look cuter.
How do I reach the floor. I try to jump down, but I fall. I was on a mission. Make the baby cuter. I hopped back to bed and climbed. Baby was still sitting there silent and smiling. That’s all he does, he makes me laugh too. I opened mums crayon and slowly colored his mouth. Now we draw dots on his nose, and color his eyebrows. A heart on his tummy? Yes yes… then he would be like Brave heart from Carebears. Maybe my brother would have magical powers then. Then I could let him play with me.
I finished.
Red suits him. “Red is pretty.” I told him smiling. My baby brother giggled, he sounded funny.
I heard mum’s footsteps coming into the room. I stood on bed and started jumping to greet her and show her baby. she looked at baby. she breathed loudly. She must like it. “Mum isn’t he ever so cute? The water in his eyes looks wonderful with the red.” I said, jumping up and down.
I remember mum not being able to speak. But that her face changed into wonderful colors. And I like baby with red.
16 years later at the age of 20, everytime I hold red lipstick in my hands and proceed to apply it, I cannot help but smile. I smile because with red comes the image of my baby brother and his innocence. I remember him and miss him. And I find myself holding my cellphone and dialing his number and applying my red lipstick. And when I hear his voice I tell him, I LOVE YOU. After I am done I look at myself in the mirror and notice that I resemble my mother. And I remember the feeling of awe I had whenever I saw her with red lipstick on. She was and still is beautiful.

Aurore M.


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