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Culmination of a long long long Ridiculously Long Day

ok so should i go out now? or maybe not! im sitting cosy and warm in my bed listening to music, ahhh bless the music. i dont know how the end of my day would be if i didnt have this moment of peace, just me and my music.
its cold today, has been for the past week. and honestly am just prayin the sun will soon shine and bless us with its warmth. My birthday is in 2 days and i can hardly wait, am so excited, jumping all over the place. yes i will be 20, the big 2 and 0 ahhhhhh (yes yes am squealing hahahaha no pun intended )......

this is just another random rambling on my friends blog. for in essence i am a writer, i am an author of life, and i write down what i observe. one thing i observed today, unhappiness. I am a genuinely happy person with mood swings every now and then, but i observe genuinely unhappy ppl with glimpses of happiness every now and then, am i not the normal one here? or am i just escaping reality.

am thinking that i should focus more on my studies and im tryin to balance that with all the extracurricular activities i am in and also to focus on my writing, photography and dancing. those long days have been surreal.

those past 3 months have been surreal, i broke up, fell in love, lost friends, regained some back, found myself, lost myself. then again i have learned alot and i have fallen in and out of love with life. i have given up hope and i have relighted my faith. i have questioned and got no answers then again i have disregarded and stopped asking questons.

do i worry too much? am i such a perfectionist that the slightest ripple in my reflection disturbs and distorts my energy and balance? i dont know really, but thts the thing , not knowing drives me crazy, i have to know everything. i prefer to have concrete answers. but alas no one will give me that.

okayyy brain freeze....honesty, dishonesty...


Thought of the day : Smile.

gotta be strong , smile and face Unhappiness, soon u will truly be smiling with no reason.

Life is beautiful, but unfair. gimme answers!!!!!

Thought of the moment : Nothing but ur T shirt, face the world like that, defy rules.

Thought of Life: Ironic

Aurore M.


  1. hehehe i love it!! we are all writers in our own way. love the thought of the day/ moment!
    what you said rings true with me! i fall in and out of life within a split of a second..but i am blessed to go to bed with the biggest smile on y face!


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