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CMPS 209

So I thought people who read my blog have gotten pretty bored from all the news and other stuff (A) so I'll start with my first blog entry.
So, this semester I registered for this stupid course as an elective which is basically introduces how to use a computer to computer-illiterate people (business, nutrition, economics and chemistry majors). I'm sure I can Ace this course during my sleep!!!!!
The first time I went to class, I was this close from DYING out of boredom. During the first lecture, the teacher was telling the class what a mouse and a keyboard is, and what's the difference between a hard disk and a CD-ROM (which is like first grade information). Ironically, as I sat in the back, I started studying the people in the class, and most of them were taking notes.. AGHHH!!!! I mean SERIOUSLY? And then this guy started asking questions after he got confused whether a printer in an output or input device.
The next class, the teacher was explaining to her toddler students what's an anti-virus program is by stating that a virus is a bad guy (Lex Luther :P) and the anti-virus as Superman, and more questions arose because stupid students can't get an analogy.
For God's sake people!!!!!!! Like Seriously stop being nerds on things that my 5 year old cousin knows. Being a nerd in this case doesn't show how smart you are, it shows how DUMB you are.
But the crisis went on today during the CMPS lab session where we were supposed to do internet searches with google to find stuff. The assignment was so simple that I finished it in 20 minutes, whereas the lab time assigned was 2 hours. And the stupid lugheads where trying to cheat of my paper for answers. I was about to smack this idiot girl in the head before I left because she practically copied my whole assignment. Idiots!!!! Like seriously, such people shouldn't even be in colleges. They shouldn't even be alive! They're wasting our precious oxygen...