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A Moment of Forever(The Gates)

The gates slowly Descend,
It cant be..
And they open, for one moment.
For one time.

Your hand touches mine, and I look your way.
You smile and I think, I pray, I feel.
I close my eyes and let my body speak.

Am floating in air now,
I guess this is my liminal zone,
The eroticism your touch evokes,
This is where you lose control,
Where sanity becomes a lie.
And our insanity the truth.

The gates are still open,
They’re slowly closing,
Hurry float faster.
If we make it, we would live in eachothers worlds,
But if me left you behind, I would die.
And if you left me behind, I would die.

Must be nice,
Security, stability, love.
Don’t go away, we will make it through.
Tread upon those carved signs in the clouds,
Yes yes, those.
Slowly, so that you don’t fall right through.
Learn patience, it pays off.
Let your heart calm down,
Your body unwind.
Don’t lose it all, keep collected.
The gates are closing.
They were open for a moment.
But only for that moment,
Hurry, I cannot afford another lifetime without you.

For this moment, the gate is stuck.
For this moment, fingers entwined fiercely.
Bodies slamming together with no separation,
For this moment like no other, our eyes close.
For only this moment, the gates stay open.
And its those moments.
It’s time,
For the moment.
The moment of Forever.

Aurore M.