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More optimistic views about Obama's Polls

(AGI) - Washington, 24 Feb. – Just over a month after taking office on January 20, Barack Obama soars in the polls, with between 60 and 70pct of people approving of him. In particular, according to the surveys commissioned by 'Abc' and 'The Washington Post', 68pct of the interviewed approve of the steps taken so far by the new US president. According to a 'Cbs News' and 'The New York Times' poll the rate of approval is lower but still a very good 63pct. In '81 Ronald Reagan after one month in the white house scored 68pct approval, George Bush Senior scored even higher than that. The difference between Obama's popularity and that of his predecessor George W. Bush registered in the last month of his term is considerable though: a mere 33pct for Bush. The results of the surveys are even better for Obama considering the current financial crisis: according to the second poll, 75pct of the sample is optimistic about the economic performance in the coming four years.
According to the first poll 64pct of the interviewed support his economic stimulus plan for 787 billion dollars.