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School Days ..then 2009

And so the journey continues,
I wake up yet again and smile brightly whilst looking out my vast window.
How can I not remember, how can I not feel at home.
I miss those lazy Friday morning when I would wake up a bit late,
Just because it’s the last day of my weekend.
I also miss Wednesday evenings after school, and Thursday mornings on the beach,
Only later to crown it with a night outing that would blow your mind away .

Do you remember what it felt like, Friday nights, before the first school day for that coming week.
The insomnia that would suddenly hit me.
The giggles I would suddenly get in the middle of the night.
How I long for THAT kind of insomnia. Just cause am excited, not cause am worried.
Anyway it doesn’t matter anymore, I’m in 2009 now.
Those years I talk about have gone and past. I yearn for them
Then again im in the second month of 2009, and up until now it seems like a very promising year.
Beirut, i am here, i am now, few hours and I would walk on your beautiful grounds(soil).
Back to my usual routine. To my usual dread maybe? No I enjoy what I do. I love it as a matter of fact. This time like always I look forward.
I pray I can keep my enthusiasm. I pray to hold onto my determination and strong will. Am doing great so far..keep it up.
Abu Dhabi is a far distant thought now.And so with this I leave myself behind…leaving a part of my soul back in Abu Dhabi. Am I really leaving a part of me? Yes, my family. I cannot wait to see them again ..and be with them for all times.You do not appreciate what you have until you live away from them.

and beirut I Lives in me... it has become my soul

Aurore M.