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Stuck in the Past

A little something I wrote for my creative writing class last semester. Hope you enjoy it.

Beep Beep

The alarm clock goes off.
I didn’t want to wake up,
I wish I hadn’t.

It was very strange,
everything was black and white.
Was I going blind?
I tried to go back to sleep,
but that didn’t seem to work.

Sleeping somewhere cold,
trying to figure out what was happening,
I heard a sudden chuckle.

Foolish boy,
this is your past
you have lived to regret it
you are doomed to live it again
you are stuck here
you cannot escape.

I open my eyes,
absolute darkness,
this feeling wasn’t new,
darkness is a part of who I am
and it has been for ever.

I always wondered what was wrong with me.

Still in black and white,
I relived every mistake I have made,
every incorrect decision
every wrong turn.
A million thoughts of the sins I’ve sinned
rushed through my mind like the blowing wind.

Shattered lives,

ravaged souls,

mangled hearts.

I am a slave,
a slave of my daunting past,
it’s taking over me
and I can’t break free
until I let it go.

I look into my bedroom mirror,
I couldn’t see my own reflection.
Suddenly, I hear a sinister familiar hum,
music in the background,
my favorite song:
Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken.
Hello, I’m the lie
living for you so you can hide.

For a moment,
everything seemed to make perfect sense.

I look into my bedroom mirror,
my bedroom with no windows,
the clock ticking backwards,
something was different.
Out of the absolute darkness,
electric green
was flowing out of my pupils.

When did I become one of the living dead?
I used to laugh at people like me.

Eternal silence.

I was trying to hide the emptiness,
I was trying to suppress my regret,
I was trying to conceal the truth.

A bright sallow flash,
an utterly disturbing blast
filled the atmosphere.

Beep Beep

This time, I knew I was awake,
for I was sleeping for a thousand years.
As I opened my eyes,
I hoped that everything is back in color again,
but the first thing I noticed
were my windows,
my precious windows.

Yet, something was still different.

I know you’re still here,
I mumbled without thinking.
Of course I’m still here,
asserted my roommate
with a confused but ironic grin.
Never mind,

I muttered
with a low embarrassed tone,
and escaped swiftly
heading to the shower.

I was finally alone,
or was I?
A horrified chill
found its way down
my terrified spine.

I am your worst nightmare.
I kill,
But I will let you live for now

It was a stormy morning,
the wind still blowing,
but, I was ready for change.