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You & Me

You come every once in a while,
Turning my life around.
We sit and talk as if we are two different people.
And that fact tears me apart, I manage to understand.
And all is well until the last touch,
When you are ready to leave.
You hold me closer to you, hugging me tightly.
And you evoke the hurt.
And tears surface in my eyes.
You embrace me, and I you, knowing that is all we will ever share now.
That is all I will get.
This last embrace and my tears that threaten to run free.
The pain and the fear, confusion and dread, mean nothing to me.
Because I do know that there can’t nor will there be any more.
Now we come together as mere friends.
Nothing more, nothing less.
When there were no others to separate us,
Our love was one, you were me and I was you.
Just the two of us sharing moments across time.
Now we part, as strangers at heart, friends in life.
How could we ever be?
We have shared a life together, stolen moments, hurried kisses.
But my heart you broke,
A time you erased.
A time, when there was once just you and me.

Aurore M.