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This is where I begin

This isnt a poem, no, this isnt a confession, hell no.
this is a part of me, a part of my thinking. and am thinking this is where my life begins.
maybe not this blog, but this is a point where i can feel my fingers in contact with the hard keys on my laptop, and am feeling cold. but am determined. and i feel like i am ME, for th emoment, and i knw in awhile i will slip away and back to not being me, but tryin to understand me. but at this moment it is perfect clarity. i know who i am, what i want, and where i am most importantly integrated in this never ending struggle we call life.
wen we look around, and picture everythin we see everythin very clear and right. and am thinkin where am i ? where do i stand? yes yes , this IS where my life begins.

no am not lost, and probbaly no one is readin this, but i have decided to take things into my own hands and work on it. ive decided to vent out here...and u know wht , i will stop...i already feel better, and i wnt to preserve this moment for good..

Aurore M.

P.s. excuse my unsensical ramblinggg