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15 Reasons to date a Biologist!

1. We are experts on sexual selection and reproduction

2 .We know anatomy well.(know what works and where)

3. We believe that if you take U and I out of EVOLUTION, you get a TON of LOVE

4. We are always willing to experiment

5. We certainly have a way with words.

6. We do everything 10x 40x 100x bigger and better

7. We're trained to follow instructions with flawless accuracy!

8. Can go through a 300 page book in a day.

9. We believe that only seeing is believing.

10. We're smart.

11.We’ll find genetic, physiological and evolutionary excuse(explanation) for every panic attack or strange behavior

12. We are used to working long hours

13. We're not afraid of organic liquids of all sorts, or of anything alive for that matter.

14. We believe that any kind of organism and (almost)every action is normal and acceptable.

15. We believe that most of the times simplicity brings out perfection.