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What's Your Coffee Personality ???

Café Latte. This sharp coffee mixture of strong brewed espresso and frothy steamed milk is consistent and simple. To experience this drink you don't need to be a high risk taking individual, as you are not. Café lattés are dependable, and don't have a variety of flavors or versions. Similarly in different social settings and places, you stay generally the same. Like this genuine coffee with a rich flavor, you are one who can stand alone. No kick needs to be added to a latte because it is enticing and approachable because of its lack of surprises. Lattes are most enjoyable at a slower pace, taking it all in, and don't require a social atmosphere to be made complete. The bottom line is that you are hard working and consistent, slightly introverted and enjoy routine. Like a café latte you need not be extravagant or spicy, but are most satisfying in your solid, systematic, and simple existence. In a familiar and comfortable environment, everyone enjoys a warm, sensible, and stable latte.

Cappuccino Chic and intellectual, this drink is only for the serious and mature. The air of importance 'cappuccino' carries cannot be spoken unless by the purely driven and successful individuals. This drink can be contemplative or social, although it is most often considered classy. With its rich espresso, relaxed milk, and slightly foamed topping it fits in most anywhere. Although slightly reserved for important occasions, there is a hint of exciting foam that is let loose only briefly. You are not given to triviality and pointless activities. You like success and are goal driven, ambitious and are comfortable conversing. You are confident and bold and no one can mess with a cappuccino. Any addition or change to a cappuccino only wrecks its calm and collected image. Responsible and slightly reserved, the cappuccino is the mirror of your cool, collected, and 'going somewhere' personality. To be inspired and motivated, people love absorbing the aura of confidence surrounding a cappuccino.

Caramel Macchiato. This drink has the backbone of the foamed milk and espresso but is more expressive and creative with its inclusion of vanilla and caramel sauces. Smooth and laid back, this drink is a combination of a variety of tastes (as you prefer). The balance of creativity and strength make for a well-rounded drink. As an individual you need balance to be at your best; time for self-expression, but time for conversation with others. Perhaps slightly artsy or musical nothing unsettles you too much. If unsettled, you are most likely to be moody and need time to contemplate. You, like your signature drink, provide an interesting perspective and twist on what may otherwise be a simple situation. Nothing too vigorous or drastic appeals to you. Although sweet, you are not too sweet and are mysterious in your unpredictability. Your flavor changes with each sip and you might not even understand how you can be sweet at times and smooth, deep, and serious at others. The cappuccino is known to envelope others with its complex and intriguing paradox of pensiveness and confidence.

White Chocolate Mocha You are a combination of adventuresome and sweet, hardworking and social. The confident espresso and cocoa stirred with milk and topped with tantalizing whipped cream make for an interesting person. Fun-loving and not too serious, your stable taste but special topping shows that you are flexible to the needs of others. Your balance of strong and fun make you responsible but risk taking. The side of you that is slightly thrill-seeking and active is displayed openly. Others may have to dig a little deeper to get to your rich and deep interior. Your all-around sweet taste of white chocolate is surprising and calming. You generally are service oriented and like to be around people; but you need to relax by being away from it all. The bottom line is that you are fun loving, not afraid of challenge, like being active and outdoorsy. Your uncomplicated twist on the ordinary is exciting but calming. Your enthusiastic and friendly mocha nature warms anyone in your company and uplifts any occasion.

Frappuccino Adventurous and crazy you are full of life and flavor. The Frappuccino's variety of flavors is representative of your contagious energy. Whether traveling or studying you like to mix things up a bit and feel bored when things move slowly. Although your coffee base may allow for you to be mature and contemplative at times, your tendency is to embrace the excitement and spontaneity of life's flavors. Like a true Frappuccino, you perk up another day, easily converse with strangers, and are often looking on the bright side of things. You keep yourself busy with activities and people and are not often one to cower from a challenge or new activity. Competitive, opinionated and bright you slow down for no one. You have a very visible presence and when spotted from far away are easily recognizable. The heterogeneous java you are, you show many sides to your personality, characterized by a variety of interests. People soak up your fervor and look forward to when you surprise them with another outrageous plan. Let's face it; nothing is ever boring with a Frappuccino.