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The Weird Things People Eat Around the World

Half the fun of traveling is getting out and enjoying all sorts of foods you're not used to eating. A simple trip to the corner market or grocery store in a foreign land can keep you amused for hours. Take the example above for instance: Cone Pizza! This picture was snapped in Seoul, South Korea, and you know what? It looks pretty damn tasty. Can I get one in the States yet? Anywho, check out some other weird foods from around the world, and be sure and share your own experiences in the comments!

So is it pickled snake head? Or is snake head a type of fish? Either way, I'm not eating it. Spotted in an Asian market in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Found in San Francisco.

Spotted at the Raleigh, N.C. BugFest.

Nothing like a Beijing street market to test your gag reflexes. Yep, still works! (For you brave souls out there, here's a video of someone eating one of those freakish black scorpions.)

Can you guess what these little buggers are? They are cooked crickets!

An edible menu in a Chicago restaurant. This is cool ... but I can't imagine you'd be hungry enough to order anything off of the gigantic menu you just stuffed down your throat.

Chocolate french fries in Seattle.

Artichoke-flavored tea in a can.
These dried lizards found in Hong Kong are used for soup.