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Who Said Rejects Don't Amount to Much?

So I haven't blogged on Moudz' "Mind Soup" in quiet a while. And no I'm not proud of that, but i guess better late than never, right?

So here's the latest from the National Geographic on the environment and going green.

First of all,lets face it. We are somewhat of a superficial species. We do judge and prefer things based on how they seem to us. Yes, we even do that to food. How many times have you dodged "whatever that is" in that dish in an open picnic because "whatever that is" had a funny color. How many of you smell your food before tasting it? Yeah, i have a few friends and family members who do that too! It's just something we are inclined to do. Although we should start trying to kick that habit to the curb. (wishful thinking on my part has never really hurt least not yet)

So in his article, John Roach brings to our attention that a new U.S. government study shows that juice from rejected watermelons (because of their bizarre shapes, people won't buy them, and thus, farmers leave them unpicked. one fifth of watermelons planted each year are rejected.)could be a good source for making biofuel ethanol.

Who knew that those delicious fruits could amount to so much. Even when they have been rejected.