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Mind Soup Blocked in China

OK, that might have been a misleading title, but it caught your attention didn't it? It makes it look like I'm being targeted by the Chinese government. Well, I'm not the only one.

Apparently, several blog platforms such as blogger (blogspot) are being blocked on-again off-again in China due to security measures when there are huge events occurring in China. The last time blogger was blocked in China was during the Olympic games which were held in Beijing last year.

Anyway, this year, there is some sort of anniversary going on in China and blogger has been blocked since May (which explains why I haven't been getting any Chinese flags on the visitor counter). The block was supposed to be lifted by the beginning of September, but haven't been done yet, hopefully it would be lifted by beginning of October.

Here's an article that explains a little more:

... It seems that any website on has been blocked in China.
This blockage is causing huge problems for bloggers inside China – particularly some of the best blogs on the environment such as , which is blogspot based. Not only is it difficult to post, but it is virtually impossible to have any Chinese audience.
I wonder if China is just trying to keep things quiet before the anniversary later this year, or if it is a longer-term strategy to maintain that there is “free speech” in China, but keep bloggers frustrated by opening and closing access to various blogging platforms. I note that blogs are still easily accessible in China, while blogs are blocked.
It might even be a strategy to get foreigners to post on Chinese blog sites, where they might be easier controlled ... (link)