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New Blog Features

As you might have noticed 0ver the past few days, I have been working hard to update my blog with new and interesting features.

I am proud to present to you Mind Soup in 8 different languages which you can choose from the header.

Also, I have just launched the lite mobile version of Mind Soup which enables the reader to view the last ten posts from their mobile phone for very little internet consumption. You can point your browser to from any internet enabled mobile.

There is also the chat features which you will find in the sidebar. The Gtalk feature will allow readers to talk to me in private when I am online via Google Talk. This feature does not need any installation. Another chat feature is the Mind Soup Chat room which is available under the Gtalk feature. It enables readers to chat with each other or leave quick messages.

You can also check my latest tweets on twitter and follow me using the twitter application under that Chat box.

Also new is the top news stories features with small summaries under the soup photo in the sidebar!

New features will be added regularly so be sure to check them out from time to time.