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Bluetooth Concept turns your finger phone into reality

For those of you who are sick of the convenience of Bluetooth earpieces and want to live your dream of talking to your fingers like pretend phone from your childhood should look into this concept device.

Designed by BCK, a team from Argentina, its a very simple concept. The user talks to the hand using the yellow ring that fits halfway down the little finger, and then listens with the pink ring on the thumb. (Why is the thumb look like its been drawn on the picture?)

This is one concept that probably won’t catch on, ever. Unless you can make a display to put on the palm. Maybe there is some alternate reality where this technology came into fruition. Enjoy this poem after the jump.

One ring to hear your calls,
One ring to talk in,
Two rings to take your calls,
and with the Bluetooth bind them.

Okay, it didn’t really rhyme, but somehow I couldn’t get The Lord of the Rings out of my head when I saw this device. In the end, though, I decree this device as “silly”.

Of course, I never equated The Lord of the Rings with anything silly, even though there is a scene where a dwarf, and elf, and Viggo Mortensen are running across the plains in really fruity costumes.

Well, you never know what’s going to be a hit and what will be a dud.