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Weirdest Chocolate News

A lovely and useful confectionary, chocolate, is rich with charms itself. Since the first time people discovered chocolate, it has become a hit among those who consider themselves as chocolate lovers or chocoholics.

Nowadays, chocolate is more than food and superb desserts, human’s creativities bring to an idea of transforming chocolate into unusual things.

1. Chocolate Spa

Chocolate SpaHershey, American’s largest chocolate company, has created an exotic and sublime spa at THE HOTEL HERSHEY where you can unwind your tensions and enjoy chocolate without gaining more calories.

The Chocolate Spa is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania and more than its beautiful view that attracts people, Hershey provides extraordinary therapies with ingredient for innovative spa treatments such as the Whipped Cocoa Bath, Cocoa Butter Scrub and Chocolate Fondue Wrap. All are worth indulgence.

The sweet and bitter spa has made itself to perfection with several ways of chocolate treatments; Chocolate Foundue Wrap, an exclusive formula of warmed moor mud and essence of cocoa revives the skin, Whipped Cocoa Bath with foaming milk chocolate, Chocolate Hydrotherapy and Cocoa Massage which you can enjoy chocolate-scented massage oil along with a traditional Massage.

2. Chocolate Sushi

Chocolate ShushiSuedy’s Koo-Ki sushi is a cookie-based sushi with chocolate and confections for toppings and fillings that were created by Karen Sasaki. Every piece of Suedy’s Koo-Ki Sushi is made by hand using good ingredients like chocolate, crispy rice cookies and candies instead of seaweed, raw fish, vinegar and rice. It is best known for its unique features and flavors, such as green tea, piƱa colada, lemon and caramel, which are perfect for both sushi and chocolate lovers.

Suedy’s Koo-Ki is served as individual pieces on chocolate plates or in a neatly-arranged multi-piece Bento or Washi Box. Chopsticks are provided not only for their usage but to also consume since it’s made out of chocolate and are called Choc Sticks. You can also visit Suedy’s Koo-Ki Sushi at their retail location: 830 Jury Court, Suite 1 San Jose, CA 95112.

3. Chocolate Toothpaste
Chocolate toothpaste(I have actually tried this one)
A study from Tulane University revealed that an extract of cocoa powder that occurred naturally in chocolates is more effective than the fluoride in toothpaste. The study is also supported by scientists from Japan’s Osaka University saying that chocolate could help prevent tooth decay.

Chocolate toothpaste have been launched by many companies which are aimed at kids but not their parents. Unilever Philippines Inc. made chocolate flavored toothpaste under the name ‘Closeup Flavalicious’ but it was relatively for fun as the cavity-fighting component was still fluoride. It contains the taste of chocolate but not really made out of chocolate. In Japan, they sell tiny 32-flavoued tubes of toothpaste including chocolate flavor which is actually light mint toothpaste, while in America, chocolate toothpaste was actually invented. Kids don’t use it for brushing their teeth but they eat it!

4. Fuel from chocolate waste

Fuel from chocolate waste
Microbiologist Lynne Mackaskie and her team of researchers at the University of Birmingham in the UK found a way to produce hydrogen from waste products from a chocolate factory. The fed bacteria which are called E. coli bacteria, diluted caramel and nougat left over waste from chocolate-making process. The bacteria fermented sugar in chocolate waste causing organic acids and ended up with hydrogen which provides enough electricity for a small fan.

This process might be developed until fuel from hydrogen can be used with vehicles and eventually we can reduce the use of petrol.

5. Chocolate Car

Chocolate carHans Burie’s Belgian Chocolate store wowed the world with its masterpiece made of chocolate, “a chocolate car”. Dare you eat?

A large quantity of Belgian chocolate, which is simply renowned, was used to create this chocolate car. 800 kilograms, 1800 pounds or 28,800 ounces of chocolate which equals to 19,200 bars of Hershey’s 1.5 oz. Chocolate Symphony or 9,600 bars of Lindt 3 oz. Chocolate (US-size) or even 8,228 bars of Lindt 3 1/2 oz. It was worth using since they got the perfect but immobile chocolate car in return. The car is the same size as an actual Opel.

6. Chocolate Jesus ExhibitChocolate Jesus Exhibit
An Italian-Canadian artist, filmmaker and sculptor, Cosimo Cavallaro created one of the most controversial art works of the decade which is named “My Sweet Lord”. The art work was scheduled to exhibit during the Holy Week at the Lab Gallery in the Roger Smith Hotel, Manhattan on March 2007. Although “My Sweet Lord” was never displayed. The six-foot sculpture of Jesus was canceled from the exhibition because the hotel had received death threats from some protesters who considered the sculpture as a direct insult to Jesus Christ and Christianity.

“My Sweet Lord” is a sculpture of a naked Jesus with his arms outstretched as if he was crucified on an invisible cross. This controversial sculpture was created from more than 200 pounds of milk chocolate. Unlike the traditional religious portrayal of Christ, Cavallaro’s creation does not include a loincloth. Its creator, Cavallaro is renowned for his idiosyncratic works using food  as art, his previous works has been spraying five tons of pepper jack cheese on a house in Wyoming (why?), decorating a four poster bed with 312 pounds of processed ham (again, why?) and repainting a hotel room in Manhattan with melted mozzarella (waste of good cheese!). How is that for art works!

7. Finger found in Chocolate Bar

Finger found in Chocolate BarIn February, 2007, a man named Hannes Gruber from Bischofsheim, Germany, was enjoying his chocolate bar when he noticed something strange in his delicious confectionary. German police investigated the case after Gruber said he bit into a chocolate bar and found a finger inside. A police spokesman in the town of Mainz, close to Frankfurt said “He found a fingertip, complete with fingernail, right in the middle of the bar, I suppose it went unnoticed because there were nuts in the chocolate and it was hard to tell the difference”. The finger had been handed over to forensic experts for further investigation but it’s also interesting that police declined to reveal the name the chocolate’s brand.

8. Frozen Haute Chocolate: World’s most expensive dessert sells for a whopping $25,000 per order Frozen Haute Chocolate: World most expensive dessert sells for $25,000 per order
For the past few years, Fortress Aquamarine from Wine3 at the Fortress in Galle, Sri Lanka has reigned as the world’s most expensive dessert at $14,500 price. But recently, Frozen Haute Chocolate, an elegant desert of the Serendipity-3 Restaurant in New York has gotten itself a Guinness World Record for the most expensive dessert in the world. This ultra expensive dessert is created by a joint effort between the Dessert Emporium and jeweler Euphoria New York.

Frozen Haute Chocolate is sold at a staggering $25,000 per order. The dessert is made from a blend of 28 finest cocoas from all around the world and is served in a goblet lined with edible gold. Additionally, Frozen Haute Chocolate is topped with whipped cream, more gold and a side of La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier, which sells for $2,600 per pound. An 18K gold bracelet with a carat’s worth of diamonds that rests at the base of the goblet and a gold spoon set with white and chocolate-colored diamonds are also given to its consumer as souvenirs.

9. Worker trapped in vat of chocolate for 2 hours

Worker trapped in vat of chocolate for 2 hours
Trapping in a vat of chocolate might sound like a dream come true for chocoholics. But for Donovan Garcia, an employee of a company that supplies chocolate ingredients, this trapping is considered a real nightmare. The 21-year-old man told reporters that while he was pushing chocolate down into the vat at Debelis Cor, he lost his balance and suddenly slid into hot chocolate and stuck in there for 2 hours. “It was in my hair, in my ears, my mouth, everywhere and I felt like I weighed 900 pounds. I couldn’t move.” Garcia said.

Luckily for Garcia, the chocolate vat was 110 degrees which is considered hotter than a hot tub, it could have easily killed him. Policemen, firefighters and Co-workers took hours to take him out of the vat because the chocolate absorbed him like quicksand. After he was rescued from the death vat, he was treated for minor injuries at a nearby medical center and was soon released.

10. Chocolate Calculator

Chocolate CalculatorDon’t try to bite into this chocolate bar because you’ll get a mouth full of plastic and glass. This is great news for every chocoholic who is looking for some weird products concerning chocolate. The Choc-U-Lator is not chocolate even if it looks like a nice bar of chocolate which is cleverly packaged in a wrapper similar to a real bar of chocolate. This creative calculator comes in a size 4.3” x 2.4” x 0.3” which able its owners to take with them anywhere they go. To save its battery, the calculator is also powered by solar energy. Another attractive characteristic, The Choc-U-Lator has real chocolate scent which is able to attract everyone’s attention. What a calculator!

The Choc-U-Lator is available in Japan’s Rakuten online mega mall for just about $4 per piece. And this weird product is considered one of the most suitable gifts for chocoholics.


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